Student Membership

We offer a discounted annual membership to students in full-time education and who are working towards obtaining a scientific or healthcare qualification that would be of benefit towards pursuing a future career in the Pharmaceutical Industry.  Many of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world have employees who are members of PIPA.  Benefits of membership include:

Student Membership Fees:

UK: £40.00 

OVERSEAS: £50.00 (payable in Pounds Sterling)

Student Member Application Process

To apply for membership you have to provide documentation that you are in full time education and studying a subject at BSc level or above (e.g. MSc, PhD) that is of relevance to a future career in either the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.  Please download and complete the Student Member Application Form.  Once complete, please email the form along with a scan of supporting documentation to prove you are in full-time education to for consideration.  If approved, you will be invited to complete the new membership registration process.  Your membership will be renewable annually until completion of your course, when your membership will be upgraded to associate member.

Acceptable documents of full-time education include:

  • Your formal letter of acceptance
  • Student grant letter

Please note we will not accept student cards as proof of full-time education.

Please email Sharon Braithwaite at if you have any queries regarding the student membership application process.