PIPA Guidance Document: Responding to Patient Enquiries

PIPA Guidance Document: Responding to Patient Enquiries

Patients are becoming increasingly aware of, and involved in, their own medical care. As a result, Medical Information (MI) teams are receiving a growing number of enquiries from patients who have an in-depth understanding of their condition and treatment.

Feedback from the PIPA membership indicated that the information provided in response to patient enquiries varied significantly between companies and that guidance in this area, to ensure consistency across the industry, would be welcomed.

To this end, in 2019, the PIPA MI workstream created a guidance document to help MI departments provide informative and helpful responses to patient enquiries that provide meaningful information to patients without either contravening the Code of Practice or interfering with the important patient-doctor relationship.

This document should be read in conjunction with section 1.4 of the PIPA UK Guidelines for the Pharmaceutical Industry Medical Information Departments (Revised 2018) which discusses enquiries from the public, accessible via https://www.pipaonline.org/UK-Guidelines-on-Standards-in-Medical-Information.