Online Training - How to Facilitate a Successful Product Launch

Online Training: How to Facilitate a Successful Product Launch

Cost:  £40.00 + VAT (please note there is an additional £15.00 + VAT admin fee to request an invoice)

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Aimed primarily at Medical Information personnel, this course looks at the role of the Medical Information team in ensuring a successful product launch.

Divided into 5 sections, the course covers:

  • Early inclusion in the product launch team
  • Medical Information department requirements
  • Marketing and sales force support
  • External communications and notifications
  • Timelines.

Using practical advice, and helpful checklists, this course is a useful tool for Medical Information teams supporting new product launches.

 Target audience:

Medical Information professionals preparing for a product launch


Time: 1 -2 hours

Level of difficulty: Introductory / intermediate