Fees and membership benefits

Membership Fees

UK: £99.00
OVERSEAS: £110.00 (payable in Pounds Sterling)
MEMBER FOR A MONTH OVERSEAS: £25.00 (payable in Pounds Sterling)*

PIPA is a professional accreditation association with an associated Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points system of membership.

New members initially join as as Associate member, with the option to apply for to a higher level depending on their role and experience via our CPD points system.The different levels demonstrate our members' training and experience as they progress through their careers.

*This fee provides you with temporary PIPA membership for a month so that you can subscribe to one of our training courses. As a not-for-profit association, PIPA can only make its courses available to members. 

To join, please go: http://www.pipaonline.org/Join

Benefits of joining PIPA