PIPA Forums

PIPA Forum Programme

The PIPA forum programme is designed to offer members the opportunity to meet to discuss, and share best practice around, topics of particular relevance to the fields of Pharmacovigilance and Medical Information, and associated functions.

PIPA forums are designed to be interactive and allow members to develop their knowledge and experience through sharing ideas with others working in corresponding roles in similar organisations, rather than being a formal training course.

We currently have two active forums: Code Compliance & a dedicated Managers’ forum. However, if there is another forum you would like PIPA to offer, please contact anne.turnbull@pipaonline.org

Code Compliance forum

Throughout the course of each year, PIPA holds a series of four Code forums to provide an opportunity for company representatives to meet on a regular basis to discuss issues related to the Code and other legislation regulating promotional/non-promotional activities.

The Forums are facilitated by Ros Henley, CompliMed Ltd and Bisola Idris, PIPA Code Coordinator.

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Agendas for each meeting usually include:

  • A review of recent case rulings by the PMCPA and MHRA
  • Sharing of best practice and experience
  • Discussion/impact assessment of legislation which could have bearing on Code-related activities
  • Presentations by third party subject matter experts invited to attend
  • Compilation of questions to be posed to the PMCPA where relevant

Members of the Forum are expected to represent their company and have day-to-day experience of working with the Code. Ideally they will be a Code specialist involved in regular copy approval of material produced by their company.

Please note that the Forum is not intended as a training course, although it is hoped it will lead to increased knowledge for those attending. Active participation in all discussions is expected from all members. Each member should be prepared to lead a discussion topic at least once during the course of the year.

Membership is by annual subscription from a member company. Each member company shall send one representative to each meeting. Meetings will take place on a quarterly basis in March, June, September and December. 

The first of the four PIPA Code forums for 2017 was held on 27th March. However, we are offering PIPA members the opportunity to attend the remaining forums of the year at the reduced fee of £600 + VAT.

If you are interested in joining this forum for 2017, please go to: http://www.pipaonline.org/Events/2017-Code-Compliance-Forums-x-3/47432

Managers’ forum

The key objective of the Managers’ Forum is to provide an opportunity for individuals with a management role to develop management tools and skills and share best practice.

This is a pilot forum following on from the success of the managers’ meetings held in previous years, and the managers’ work stream at the 2014 PIPA conference. Feedback from managers within the membership suggest that such a forum would be a welcome addition to the PIPA calendar, enabling managers to discuss topics of particular concern and relevance with individuals holding similar positions in other companies. The aim is to better equip managers to deal both reactively and proactively to challenges arising in the workplace.

Attendees will be expected to be actively involved in the forum, suggesting issues to discuss. If successful, the forum delegates will meet twice a year to develop useful tools and strategies.

The Agendas for these forums will be focusing on three main areas

  • Key skills around people management, such as employment law, performance management, interview techniques, improving your coaching skills etc. 
  • Key issues of the day – such as regulatory updates, code changes etc.
  • Open forum – to discuss topics raised by the attendees, enabling sharing of best practice and other issues relevant to leaders within our profession.

We will also aim to get a guest speaker when possible, especially when there is a ‘hot topic’ that would be facilitated by this.