Code Compliance

Code Compliance

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This area of PIPA website has been developed as a resource for individuals who have responsibility for Code Compliance within their roles as Medical Information,  Medical Affairs or Drug Safety professionals.

Those responsible for Code Compliance as part of their role usually work within the  commercial divisions of pharmaceutical companies. They usually provide proactive and reactive Compliance support to Head Office and field force to ensure that activities and events carried out in relation to the promotion of prescription medicines are done in a responsible, ethical and professional manner  in-line with applicable laws, regulations, Code of Practice for the Pharmaceutical Industry, guidelines, policies and procedures.

PIPA Code Compliance Forums 

Throughout the course of each year, PIPA holds a series of four Code forums to provide an opportunity for company representatives to meet on a regular basis to discuss issues related to the Code and other legislation regulating promotional/non-promotional activities.

The Forums are coordinated and delivered by Ros Henley, CompliMed Ltd.

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Agendas for each meeting usually include:

  • A review of recent case rulings by the PMCPA and MHRA
  • Sharing of best practice and experience
  • Discussion/impact assessment of legislation which could have bearing on Code-related activities
  • Presentations by third party subject matter experts invited to attend
  • Compilation of questions to be posed to the PMCPA where relevant

Members of the Forum are expected to represent their company and have day-to-day experience of working with the Code. Ideally they will be a Code specialist involved in regular copy approval of material produced by their company.

Please note that the Forum is not intended as a training course, although it is hoped it will lead to increased knowledge for those attending. Active participation in all discussions is expected from all members. Each member should be prepared to lead a discussion topic at least once during the course of the year.

Membership is by annual subscription from a member company. Each member company shall send one representative to each meeting. Meetings will take place on a quarterly basis in March, June, September and December.

The proposed dates for the 2018 forums are: 6th March, 6th June, 5th September, 7th December 2018 and booking will open shortly.

If you have questions, or would like to register your interest, please email


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 “Compliance Post-it Note Shows Conforming To Regulations And Poli…” courtesy of  Stuart Miles at